Is looking back always a bad thing?

Is looking back always a bad thing? post thumbnail image

 Looking back, is it always a bad thing?

 Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis MN


Quotes and insightful sayings provide me with wisdom. It may seem cliche at the moment, but I really do find inspiration. When I am searching out quotes they usually revolve around the subject of looking back and how not to do it. Don’t look back  you are not going that way, don’t look back  it is in the past and you should just leave it there, those types.  When I spiral down into regret and sorrow about the mistakes and bad decisions I have made in my life, I see one of these types of sayings and I am snapped out of my funk. They tend to put me back on track, or at least remind me to change my thinking. But why is looking back a bad thing?

Lately I have been thinking…..

… it always a bad thing to look back? Through my journey to create art through my photography, I realized the answer. When I say looking back, I don’t mean metaphorically looking back and examining my life, I mean really looking back. Actually turning your eyes, head and body to look back.

Let me explain,

I was in downtown Minneapolis at the Stone Arch Bridge. It is a walking, biking(no cars) type bridge that crosses over the Mississippi river. Not only does it have a rich history, it is a beautiful spot! Great for photos.

Last weekend it was abnormally warm in my neck of the woods. 60 degrees above zero in February is very ODD. It has only happened 5 times since they started records and the last time was 70 years ago! So it was an AMAZING DAY! People were out everywhere, the bridge was alive with activity! Everyone was totally enjoying the weather. Of course I was out and about enjoying it too! As we  started climbing all over the rocks, hills and on the banks under the bridge snapping photos every chance I got.   WOW! what a gorgeous day.

As we were climbing down the hill to the river, it is very steep, rocky and  icy.  We were on a mission to just get to the river bank and start creating. As I was making my way down, I realized this might have been a dumb idea. So I stopped, started looking around.  The bridge was behind me to the left….it was majestic!  As I stood there, I started thinking, what if I didn’t look back? What all am I missing by not looking back? Maybe I really should look back more, in case I am missing an opportunity. This thought actually dumbfounded me, my mouth was hanging in astonishment.  How is it even possible I am saying these things. I needed to look back and it wasn’t a bad thing at all.

New thoughts on looking back…..

As a result of my adventures today, I now feel looking back isn’t all that bad. Nope, not a bad thing at all.  No  you shouldn’t look a back at your life with regret and beat yourself up over poor decisions and mistakes. YES, you should look back and look around an notice everything around you. Who knows what you might be missing.

The above print is the photo I took while I was looking back. It is available for purchase at


Enjoy your day!



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