Kindness catches on try it today!

be kind, love, greeting card, happiness, simple, unconditionalGood Morning….

This isn’t meant to be a lecture or anything like that. I was called out to defend my belief on love and kindness this week. I felt so strong about my response, I have posted it everywhere on social media, created art because of it and wrote this blog post. The person who challenged me said “How can you be like this? Don’t you know what is going on? Are you just dumb to all the politics and what is going on in the world? You need to get angry and do something.”

I answered it like this.

I base my life in love and kindness. Though I am not political….this doesn’t mean I don’t know what is going on in our world or that I don’t care. It means quite the opposite. The difference is, I don’t walk around shoving my opinion down everybody’s throat expecting everyone to agree with me…lol.

With that disclaimer being said,

I live my life based in love and kindness. Though others may feel this , I am not naive as to think  everyone else lives this way too. Boundaries exist in my world , and I am old enough to know not everyone has my best interest at heart. I look for beauty in everything and everyone. My is love unconditional. I am kind to everyone, unconditionally. My goals are simple, I care and share my soul in hopes of making the world a better place.

With everything that is going on right now, my focus has been on Kindness. It is a simple action. It is easy! Kindness can be as easy as a smile. I am very confused why people can’t simply be kind. Why can’t people accept others differences.

Kindness catches on, try it today!

Hopefully you will think kindness is worth it and pass it on today!

Love and be kind to all!

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