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Lets face it, selling art is hard work! Not just hard work but exhausting work! I feel like I am recreating the wheel every time I put a new piece of art work up for sale on the internet. What has made me successful? Mainly hard work and my passion to succeed.


A few weeks ago, I posted what my thoughts and feelings on what was working for me and what wasn’t working for me in regards to selling my art.

I am currently selling art on Fine Art America and Shutterstock and at art and vendor shows. I have been relatively successful at all 3 mediums but have wanted to kick it up to the next level. Thinking I was doing everything possible, later to find out I should have been doing so much more!


Selling art on Fine Art America is all about self promotion. Before, I was doing what I thought was a decent amount of self promotion. Posting on the social media platforms, creating links to my art on the internet, talking about my art whenever I had the chance. The more I got into  Fine Art America, I found out the true meaning of self promotion.  What I had been doing was really nothing…. in comparison to other artist.

What did I do? The changes I madeselling art flowers floral

I found the community button! Hitting the community button opened my world up! Within the community on Fine Art America, I found groups! This whole site is based on self  promotion (yes broken record, but it is) . I was trying to swim up stream without a paddle, boat or a clue. It wasn’t working as well as I wanted it to  until I found these groups.

Side note, I have always been a person who hasn’t feared the pushing of a button on a webpage. After all, everything can be undone right? So why fear pushing a button. Why not just look and see what it does. Not having followed my advice previously, I went through Fine Art America and found out what every link did and OH BOY what an eye opening experience. I really upped my selling art  game by researching every link on the website.

Which groups did I find?

I found all sorts of groups. Groups to help you promote yourself, groups to ask questions about everything, groups with some amazing art work! Places where I could post my work and get helpful critiques. I also found other artists who are not only willing to help me succeed but do so without hesitation. These groups and communities are amazing and have worked wonders for promoting my work.

Selling art this way, will it work for you?

YES! If you promote others on Fine Art America, they will promote you! I believe this is an essential part of the experience on this site. There are so many high rollers on this site and it is truly hard to compete with them. If you truly connect with others and help each other out, by liking each, commenting on, and sharing others work on social media platforms and search engines, not only will they succeed they will help you  succeed as well. It is so amazing the difference these groups have made on my sales!


Continued success to all the artist out there! I will keep posting my updates about my adventures in selling my art! Enjoy your day!

As always, my photos used in this post are available for sale at Head on over and check out my gallery!

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