Where can you buy my photographs? Insights on my experiences

Where can you buy my photographs? Insights on my experiences post thumbnail image
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Oil Painted Photograph



As most of you know I am a photographer by trade….um DUH. I would think that is why most of you are following me. So I may live in a bubble and you follow me for other reasons but I like thinking I have followers of my photography.

Part of my job as a phototgrapher is to create new photographs and post them for people to look at and purchase. I have been thinking what is the best way for me to get my work out to the public. I have followed many expert podcasts, contacted other professional photographers, and just asked around as to the best ways to show case and sell photography work. Well as you can imagine, I got as many different answers as the number of people I asked. It seems everyone has “THE BEST WAY” to sell photographic art work. This is what I can tell you for sure…..following exactly what they did, didn’t always work for me. So I bet you are asking, what did work for you? Let me share with you some things that DID work for me!

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Peach kaleidoscope sold on shutterstock.com

My Stock photos

I currently sell on www.shutterstock.com. I have over 1,800 images currently for sale on shutterstock.com. Click the shutterstock.com link to be brought to my gallery.
People ask me how did I get started with stock photography.  In my very first photography class, I read an extra little hand out that said “Get started with stock photography” They listed some sites to contact.  I sent in my 10 photographs, all 10 got rejected.  Yes, it sucked but I submitted 10 more and those 10 got approved. It really grew from there. I really love doing stock photography. My creativity is limitless when creating stock photographs.

My advice: Anyone who wants to do stock photography: stick with it, it is competitive but you deserve to be there too. Another bit of advice, to be successful at selling and getting notice:  keywords, the words you use to describe your photograph. Try to think like the person who is doing the searching, purchasing as to what words would you use to find this photograph?

My gallery, click here




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Flaming glasses sold on Fine Art America

Selling my photography on Fine Art America

I sell my photographs on www.fineartamerica.com as well ( You can click on this link and be brought to my site) I only have 151 images on Fine Art America.

FAA (Fine Art America) a high quality website for artists and photographers. It allows artists and photographers to market and sell their art. You can sell your artwork as art prints, canvas prints, framed prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, posters and greetings cards.(www.fineartamerica.com;2013)

I really enjoy creating and connecting to other artists on this site. The community is very helpful. In order to sell on this site, it does take some work. The artist has to do diligent self promotion be discovered on google searches. This may seem like a lot of work, but it pays off in the end. This site is also driven by keywords. I also post my work on several sites, (like twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook) with links back to FAA.

Sales funnels, quite  few people discuss working a sales funnel. I would agree. There are many different types and suggestions. I would suggest finding one that works for you. The premise is basically the same but each one has little quirks that will or won’t work for you. DO YOUR RESEARCH….really it will work if you if you work it.

My Advice : STICK WITH IT!  Being successful on this site takes time and that can be very discouraging at first. If you are putting the work into promoting yourself, sales will happen.

My site: www.sundaymorningsphotos.pixels.com



Craft and Vendor shows:

St.Paul Art Crawl, Minnesota, Buy Art, art show, April 27, 28, 29, 2017

St.Paul Art Crawl Poster by Lizzie Wortham “At Twelve”

I also sell at many craft and vendor shows. These can be fun and you can make a lot of good connections. Here too, you have to be careful to search out the good shows. There are bad promotors and shows. I am selective as to where I sell my items.

My next show is The St. Paul Art Crawl. I will be in the Northwestern Building on the 5th floor. The show dates are April 28,29, 30, 2017. It is a great event!!!! I am bringing new items!

In conclusion

Photography is an ever changing world and growing business. I will keep trying to figure out the best way for me to sell my items and to keep the creative edge going. Of course I will keep you all updated on my progress, misses and successes.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your day!

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